Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm off to Ireland soon. Can I get you anything?

In September I will be going overseas; can I get anything for you? My main base of operations will be Dublin, Ireland, although I will also be working on my history research at the National Archives in Kew, London. In past years I have made this offer and had an overwhelming number of people take me up on it. So, this time, in order to limit the numbers, I've decided to add a few rules.

1. You must be a registered follower of this blog for at least the two weeks prior to today's offer.

2. Your request must be as detailed as possible, and include name, relevant dates, townland, county, and so on. No extra detail is too much.

Copy of death registration entry for Nicholas Fitzpatrick
3. If you would like a copy of a civil registration entry for a birth, death, or marriage, such as the one pictured above, then I must have the full name of the individual(s), the type of event, and the date of the event. Also, any other details such as parents' names, address, etc. will make it more likely that I will find exactly the document you need.

I will absorb the 20€ (Euro) fee for using the research room, but I will need to be reimbursed the 4€ ($5 USD) fee which the GRO will charge me for each photocopy I retrieve and mail to you. If there are any changes to their policy in this regard, I will let you know.

For civil registrations, on this trip I will only be visiting the General Register Office in Dublin, so any documents will have to be for events which took place in the Republic of Ireland from 1864 (non-Roman Catholic marriages from 1845), and for Northern Ireland from 1864 to 31 December 1921. See the GRO site for further information about what is available.

If your ancestor's civil registration details are on Ancestry or the LDS site, then sending me the volume number and page number of the entry for your ancestor will ensure you end up with the document you request.

You will notice the details below, which are from the LDS site, correspond to the Death Registration document pictured above:

4. If you would like a photograph of the grave of an ancestor interred in Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin, then I will need the full name of the interred and the location of the grave including the cemetery section and, most importantly, the grave number. Assuming I am able to find it, I will send you an email with a digital photograph of the grave. Some of your family members may be interred in graves without headstones, so there may be no stone to photograph, only green space.

5. If you are seeking a record which might be found in the Roman Catholic Parish Registers on microfilm at the National Library of Ireland, then take a look at the listings here on the NLI website in order to identify the film number on which your ancestor's record might be found. I will need the film numbers, and again, I will need all relevant information such as names, dates, and locations to make it more likely that I will find the record you want.

6. Any requests must be submitted no later than 31 August 2012.

7. You must understand that this offer is not a guarantee that I will find the information for which you are searching, but I will certainly do my best to get it for you. I reserve the right to refuse any request.

If you have any questions about the details, and/or you wish to take me up on this offer then, email me at

irisheyesjennifer at gmail dot com


  1. Great generosity Jennifer when research time is so precious. I hope you have a wonderful time and find lots of interesting "stuff"....look forward to hearing about it.


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