Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday, almost: Then and Now: Grafton Street, Dublin

Although the perspective has changed somewhat, and the modern clothing might elicit a few shocked glares and perhaps a 'tsk tsk' or two from 19th century shoppers, nonetheless Grafton Street remains. Now closed to all vehicular traffic, whether horse or horseless carriage (delivery vans excepted), the street is usually filled with happy shoppers, no matter what the weather. Be sure to visit The National Library of Ireland Flickr page to view more images of the past.

79 Grafton Street...



  1. There always seems to be a buzz in Grafton St. The Xmas windows are spectacular too.

    1. Hi Pauleen,

      Thanks for your comments. There is indeed a buzz in the air, with a couple of brave souls out busking in the cold. Although I missed the street arrayed in all its beautiful chandeliers and lights strung across, there were still some remnants in Grafton Mall, with little white lights streamed across the balconies. Nice to hang on for a bit to the brightness of Christmas.



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