Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tomorrow June 3, 2010: National Archives Ireland 1901 Census materials will be online!

I realize this is my second posting for today, but I'm so excited I just couldn't wait until tomorrow to share this info with you. Family historians with Irish roots will be able to explore the country’s 1901 census online for the first time starting tomorrow after the completion of a major digitisation project by the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).

The complete set of census returns, containing details of four and a half million people, will be available to browse free of charge at The records will be fully searchable and, just as the 1911 census before it, will feature a wide range of personal information including: name, location, age, occupation, religion, and marital status.

The release of this data will prove particularly valuable as the 1901 and 1911 surveys are the only full surviving censuses for pre-independence Ireland. The website, which already features returns from the 1911 census, will also be updated over the coming months with background information and a series of contemporary photographs.

“The 1911 census website has received almost 260 million hits since its launch in late 2007, and we expect the 1901 data to attract a similar level of interest,” says the National Archive Ireland’s Catriona Crowe. “Because this census can be searched by name for the first time, people who have found it impossible to locate their ancestors will now have a very good chance of doing so.”

I'm so excited; I can't wait!!!

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