Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wordless Wednesday, almost: 'Gone Fishing...'

Hello Everyone,

On this 'Wordless Wednesday, almost', I hope you are enjoying a lovely summer or winter, depending on your hemisphere. We're taking a little time away to relax and recoup, so until I see you in September (or a little sooner), please enjoy these photos of family members and their friends in a 'by the sea/fishing/boating/holiday' theme from my parents' photographic archive.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Sepia Saturday #338: 'How do you think we look in this, love?'

When I saw the inspiration image for today's Sepia Saturday, I was reminded of a street photographer's image taken of my mother, my brother and a friend outside Clery's Department Store on O'Connell Street, Dublin in the summer of 1956. That was the year in which my father, mother and brother emigrated away from Ireland.

During that year my father emigrated first, sailing from Dublin onboard the T.S.S. New York on 10 April 1956, bound for Halifax, and then Montreal, Canada, in order to settle into his new job, and find a home for his little family. My mother and brother followed seven months later, first flying to Liverpool, so they could visit with Mam's brother Patrick, and then embarking from the port of Liverpool onboard the ocean liner Carinthia on 31 October. 

Although I do not have any of the letters my mother and father sent to each other during those seven months they were apart, within their collection of photographs I found that street photographers image, along with additional photographs which my mam sent to my dad during that time. It is lovely to read the message on the back of each one, and have this little window into their lives at a time when I was not yet a part of their family.

The message on the back of the photo reads:

To Michael, All My Love, Mary.
How do you think we look in this, love?
The little girl is Michael's pal.  xx
The message on the back of the photo reads:

Kay and Michael.
To you Daddy with love from Junior xx
Avoca June 24th 1956.
The message on the back of the photo reads:

Kay, her boyfriend Eamonn, Gerry and I, and Junior on Kay's knee
with love
Avoca June 24th 1956
Unfortunately, I do not know the identity of the little girl who was my brother Michael's pal. Since Michael was named after our father, he was sometimes called Junior, thus the salutation 'from Junior'. Kay is Kathleen Ball, one of my mother's sisters, and Gerry is Gerard Ball, one of her brothers.

If you would like to read more about my parents' experience of immigrating to Canada, please visit:
'Toward a brilliant dream': An immigration story and 'A ship of dreams, on a journey toward the future'.

Be sure to stop by the Sepia Saturday blog to connect with others who have been inspired by today's image.

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