Sunday, March 16, 2014

Remembering Dad

Today, on the 14th anniversary of his death, I fondly remember my father, Michael Francis Geraghty.

It is hard to believe it has been fourteen years since my dad drew his last breath. Sometimes I feel as though he is still with us, especially when I am alone driving my car. There are little moments when — just for a split second — I catch a glimpse of him in the rear view mirror, or suddenly the scent of his tobacco is in my nose, and memories come rushing in.

Dad was a hard-working man who had simple tastes. He was a straight-shooter who disliked haughty people. He loved his family and his home, liked to play golf, and loved to travel. His last holiday — just a few months before his death — took him and Mom once again back home to Ireland. On that trip they visited some of the places that had meant the most to him during his life. Although at the time of the trip we had no inkling of his illness, Mom used to say that when she thought about it after he died, it seemed as though on that trip he was saying goodbye to the land he loved.

In the past few weeks, recollections of small but special moments have come back to me:
Walking with Dad at dusk through a cow field to get to an abandoned ruin in the Irish countryside;
Driving with Dad through the Twelve Bens, while he shared stories with us of cycling through the mountains;
Dad catching, as my brother Mike hit the hurly ball to him, one beautiful and bright afternoon on the shores of Dingle bay.

Sometimes I get lost in little glimpses:
Dad's hands, smoothing his hair, or moving through the air as he spoke.
Dad standing in the kitchen on a Sunday morning with bacon, eggs and black pudding on the cooker.
Resonances of the deep sigh Dad used to make when he was very frustrated, and the sound of the quiet way in which he laughed, have visited me of late.

The passage of time makes these small recollections ever more precious.


  1. A lovely tribute, and such great photos. I believe you smell the tobacco and see a glimpse. I do believe.

    1. Thanks so very much Carol for your comments, and for believing. :-)


  2. Elusive but precious moments to treasure.

    1. Thanks very much for your comments Pauleen. Recently, I found out my brother happily recollects some of the same moments, and am so glad to know they are meaningful to him too.



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