Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday, almost: On the train, Irish streetscapes and seascapes

With the shutter of my camera sometimes clicking away at full bore, I love to take the train in Ireland. It offers the chance to just observe and contemplate, without the worry of dodging cars while on a bicycle, or avoiding pedestrians while driving a car. I like to daydream about what life was like way back in time, and sometimes imagine my ancestors riding in a 'big iron horse'. As their train steamed through the city or the countryside, perhaps travelling along the same routes as me, did they ever think about those who came before them?

At Pearse Street Station, as the train enters the terminal.
Croke Park and a full house for the GAA Hurling Final.
Hello down there.
Just over the rail bridge, the Custom House
Just under an old fashioned bridge which takes you over the tracks.
Flying past walls of green...
...and walls of stone.
Dublin Bay at low tide
Stopping at Dún Laoghaire in a sec.
There it is.
Ah, the sea.
Bray Station 1854, now called Bray Daly Station.
The train waiting at Bray Daly to set on its way back to Dublin.
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  1. You know when I was a kid travling from Dublin to Sligo with my mother on the train they were never Steam but Diesel. The one thing I alwas remember is waling to the station with mum and these little beggars or tinkers running up and asking to carry your case. mum always shooed them off. I need to go back for a visit.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Thanks for your comments. Such a lovely memory to have of going to the station and on the train with your mum, and up into Yeats' country no less. Do go back for a visit. Thinking about steam trains and my ancestors takes me way back to the earliest days of the train in Ireland, into the 18th and 19th century with the coal powered steamers. Thank goodness train travel is far less noisy (and less smelly) than it was in those long ago days.

      p.s. Happy Christmas to you and yours.


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