Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Windows of St. Mary's Parish, Westport, County Mayo

The beauty of stained glass windows enthrals me, but more than that, as I gaze up at the church windows I like to imagine my ancestors doing the same. A thread of connection through time.

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All photographs Copyright©J.Geraghty-Gorman 2011.


  1. Beautiful....I have always been fascinated with stained glass windows and mosaic pictures, such as in St. Marks in Venice.

  2. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for your comments; they are much appreciated. I feel the same way about stained glass windows. I've not yet been to Venice, so I'll have to check out St. Marks in the future.


  3. Jennifer, do you know how long that current structure has been in existence? I tried searching online for that info, but couldn't find anything. Yes, I definitely think of feeling that connection with my husband's Mayo ancestors--although they left their homeland in 1850.

    Beautiful pictures!

  4. Hi Jacqi,

    Thanks for your comments; they are much appreciated.

    Saint Mary’s Church has a fairly long history, considering the town of Westport is only 250 years old. A lease was granted by a local landlord to Dr. Lynagh in 1787 for a Chapel and Parochial house on the site at the riverside; however, the building foundation stone was not laid until 1813. The church building has been extensively renovated; the old main altar is now a side altar. It looks quite modern from the outside, so it's surprising to discover the church community dates to 1787.



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