Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: An apology and my thanks

A while ago, before I left for Ireland, I announced on my blogs and on Google+ that I would be presenting a webinar on Irish Family History research.  Since my return from Ireland, I've had to face one of those major challenges that life sometimes puts in our way in order to remind us that we are not totally in charge.  I prefer to keep the details of the matter private, but I do want to make public my apology for withdrawing from my commitment to do the presentation.  Given what I was facing, I knew that I would not be able to dedicate the time that I would choose to dedicate to the creation of a webinar.  Perfectionism can be a time consuming curse, and I am very much a perfectionist when it comes to presentations.  The webinar presentation was no different; I was not prepared to throw together something substandard.

I apologize to those who registered for the webinar, and were looking forward to it.  Depending on how things go, I may be able to present something in the nature of a webinar next year.   In the meantime, when I have something helpful to offer those in search of their Irish ancestors, I'll post it in Tuesday's Tips.

Thanks to those of you who know me well and have sent messages, which I very much appreciate.  Also, I want to publicly thank our leader, GeneaBloggers' Thomas MacEntee, for his understanding and continued support.  My continued THANKS and DEEP APPRECIATION to those who take the time to read this blog.

Cheers to you and yours,


  1. Jennifer - I so enjoy your blog and your photos, thanks! Life happens and changes our well-laid plans (this happened to me over the summer). Take care, I know we all look forward to your planned webinar when the time is right for you. Slainte

  2. Cheers to you as well, Jennifer. One of the great gifts of my year has been the kindness and support I've received from this virtual, but oh so tangible community when my path turned. I'm glad you've been a recipient too, and am adding my best wishes to the mix.

  3. Hello Tessa and Susan,

    Thanks very much for your lovely comments. I truly do appreciate them.

    Cheers to each one of you,


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