Friday, November 12, 2010

The coolest thing happened to me this morning

This morning I was working on a Tuesday's Tip post about researching Irish records from this side of the pond, both online and off. I decided to do a random search on one of the sites I am going to include in the post, so that I could talk about the process. I took an educated guess (based on birth dates of the intendeds and their children) at the date for a marriage document for one of my many men named Thomas, and his wife Mary. Although I have birth records for their children, and know all the details of Thomas's side of the equation, I have never been able to decipher Mary's last name on the birth records of her children.

Anyway...long story short, I found their marriage record.

Mary's full name is Maria Teresa Hynes. HYNES, finally! Previously when I have looked at her children's records I thought her surname might be Lynns, or Lynes, or Bynes, or Bryan, or a lot of other surnames. Now when I look at the birth records of their children I can clearly see the name HYNES. It's funny how the brain works.

Happy Hunting Everyone!
Cheers! Jennifer


  1. I just LOVE it when this happens, I find so many things when I snoop during the process of writing a post. Such happy dancing! Congrats

  2. Congratulations! It's always wonderful for some missing piece to suddenly be given to you!

  3. Hi Carol and Nancy, Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them! Cheers, Jennifer

  4. Well done on the discovery, Jennifer - sometimes it also works if you put the document away for a couple of weeks then look again, or ask someone else to have a look. Another problem solved :-)


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