Friday, October 1, 2010

Fizzy Friday: Only one very stormy 30 minutes in a fortnight

On average it rains in Ireland about 280 days a year; however, when it rains it doesn't rain all day. Sometimes the rain lasts a couple of hours; sometimes only a few minutes, and it tends to rain more in the west country than the east. The day depicted in these photos is the same day I was in St. Stephen's Green. The sun was shining in the morning, but there was a torrential rain storm in the afternoon; however, the downpour only lasted about half an hour and then the rain fell lightly for another hour or so. In fact, it really didn't rain much at all for the two weeks previous to that day. As it always does, the rain storm ended with a rainbow in the distance. I didn't want to get soaked, so all these photos were taken while I was riding on a bus.

The skies look threatening as I wait for the bus on Dawson Street across from the Mayor's Residence
Stuck behind a Route 10 bus on Suffolk Street
Approaching Heuston Station; maybe the sky is clearing
About to cross the Liffey near Collins' Barracks; there's that dark sky again
About to turn into Phoenix Park; it can't be 2 pm, can it? 
Here comes the rain!!!  That's the Wellington Monument, a 207 foot tall obelisk (see below)
The Wellington Monument on a sunny day
I think it's going to stop raining any minute now.
On the quays next to the Liffey
A rain soaked Ha'-Penny Bridge
The sky is still dark, but the rain has stopped and there's a rainbow in the distance
By the time the bus arrives at the Spire in O'Connell Street the sky is beginning to clear
The Spire: Look up, way up

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  1. My German mother would refer to the peaks of blue in a stormy sky as "Dutchman's Breeches" Meaning it was going to clear up.

    I never heard anyone else say that term.


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