Friday, August 20, 2010

Fizzy Friday: Nominees for a Worst 'Irish' Movies ever made award

What characterizes a 'worst' for me is an Irish themed film in which one or all of the following play a role:

1) Category: WORST Irish accents ever heard.

Julia Roberts is a double nominee:
—as Kitty Kiernan in "Michael Collins". This accent is wrong on so many levels.
—as Mary Reilly in the awful film "Mary Reilly". I don't know which I dislike more, the movie or the accent.

Brad Pitt as an Irish terrorist in "The Devil's Own". I don't even know what to say about this one.

The prize for worst accent, in my opinion, has to go to Tom Cruise, playing opposite his then wife Nicole Kidman, in 'Far and Away'. When I heard this accent I dearly wished he was both 'far' and 'away'.

2) Category: The film makers should have purchased maps of the British Isles and Ireland before they shot a single frame.

Only one nominee in this category so far, 'Leap Year' starring Amy Adams. This movie just irritated me. There is so much wrong with it that to verbalize all would make this post pages and pages long. Aside from the whole premise of having her follow her man to Ireland to get him to marry her (Ugh), the movie makers have her plane crash land in Wales, leaving her to take a fishing boat to Dublin which lands in Dingle. ??#!*!#*.

A quick look at a basic map of the area would show the film makers that Dingle is on the west side of Ireland and Wales is east of Ireland. The city of Dublin is on the east coast of Ireland.

In order to get to Dingle the little fishing boat would have to cross the Celtic Sea at the widest point between Wales and Ireland, travel south, around the eastern and southern coasts of Ireland, and past two major peninsulas on Ireland’s west coast. Such a voyage would take at least week and require several stops for refueling. In order to get to Dublin from Cardiff the same little boat could have crossed St. George's Strait at the narrowest point, taken a right turn and arrived in Dublin a few hours later. I guess such ease of travel just doesn't fit the plot of this stinker.

The only redeeming feature of this movie are the beautiful landscape shots, although none of them are in the locations named in the film.

3) Category: There are so many 'Irish' stereotypes, I lose count:

The falling down drunk/bar fly, the fisherman/farmer, the terrorist, the angry red head, the Irish simpleton.

Topping this category once again is 'Leap Year', although most of the above named films also qualify for this category. The only stereotype 'Leap Year' doesn't use is the terrorist.

Can you think of any 'worsts' you would like included in this list?


  1. Oh, this is so perfect!! I love Julia Roberts, but she has no business attempting an Irish accent!!

    Don't forget Tommy Lee Jones in Blown Away (you know, the Irish terrorist stereotype).

  2. Let me know when Best of, post is out. I want to know what to rent! Seriously.


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